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Upholding an improved quality of living.

AAA Hoosier Home Healthcare Specialists, Inc. has been in business since 1998.

We are Indiana State licensed and Medicare/Medicaid certified. We provide a variety of healthcare services such as Nursing, Home Health Aides, Physical and Occupational Therapy and, also Social Worker services. Our staff is very professional, courteous, and dedicated. We conduct criminal background checks, physicals, and TB testing on all of our employees.

All monies derived from the Indiana Workforce Investment Grant will be utilized as follows: AAA Hoosier Home Healthcare Specialists, Inc. will dedicate 20% of the grant toward covering overtime.30% would be applied for vacation time for full-time staff. The remaining 50% will go toward staff bonuses contingent on a minimum of 6 months of employment with the agency. The administration team feels the addition of paid time off and bonuses will boost staff morale and encourage our staff to continue to work in the field.


It is our goal to help our patients live independently and safely in their own homes. Together with the care of their physician, we’ll provide them with a combination of medical and non-medical services to improve their quality of life.

These services are provided through Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Private Pay, or Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

How We Can Help

For example, your elderly father, who recently suffered a stroke, has just been released from the hospital. He has just returned home, where his primary caregiver will be your mother, who also suffers from multiple medical problems.

With the situation you find yourself in, you might ask yourself these questions:

  • Who will care for your parents as your father continues his convalescence?
  • How will his medications be monitored?
  • How will you ensure that your loved one regains as much physical function as they can?
  • Who will look in on them during the day to ensure that he is well nourished and comfortable?

The scenario is becoming more and more typical, as many people struggle to provide care for their loved ones while juggling the remains of their own work and other family members.

In this case, a nurse would have made an initial assessment of the patient to determine the variety and extent of their needs. Then, the members of the AAA Hoosier Home Healthcare Specialists, Inc. team would have visited the patient several times weekly. These visits may have included:

nurse conducting medication management
  • A visiting nurse, to monitor vital signs, manage medication, and liaison with the patient’s personal physician.
  • A home health aide, to ensure the patient was bathed, and to perform small housekeeping duties.
  • A physical therapist, to help the patient regain mobility.
Let Us Help

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